Our Story

As cousins growing up living next door to each other, we always had a bit of an obsession with products and all things “girly”. We loved playing with make-up, hair products, and all types of sweet-smelling lotions. As we got older, that obsession turned into Saturdays spent in search of that perfect color lipstick, blush, or fragrant lotion. Whether we were in the local drug store, or in high-end department stores, we would spend hours trying on lipsticks and glosses, slathering ourselves with scented lotions, and trying on countless products in search of that “perfect” color or scent. In the back of our minds, we dreamed of creating those very products we were forever in search of.

Today, we are both busy working moms with small children. We are both Chiropractors in private practice, but our obsession with products has never been stronger. It was time to realize our dream, and so in 2005, we created Petal Beauty. Beauty is defined as “the quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses”. Petal Beauty products were created to let every girl discover their beauty, both inside and out. Touch on some color, layer on something softly fragrant, and let your inner beauty shine through.

Our Product Line

We started with glosses and lotion because the swipe of a new gloss and a fresh scent can make anyone feel pretty. We wanted our line to be about ease. As busy moms on the go, we know that time is of the essence. But being busy doesn’t mean having to sacrifice how you look. Even if it’s a walk in the park with the kids, a bit of tinted lip balm can perk up anyone. And after an evening bath, why not layer on some scented lotion to spice things up. After all, doesn’t every girl want to feel quietly sexy and seductively soft?

From our hearts to yours, have as much fun playing with Petal Beauty products as we do!

Denise & Michelle

Founders, Petal Beauty Cosmetics